Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

Sunny California is one of the best places for solar energy. But just how much are you losing because dust and dirt is covering your solar panels (which you good paid money for)? 

Studies show daily energy loss between 15%-20%, ouch!

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Our Process

You paid a lot of money for that solar power, right?

Are you going to let dirt stand between you and a lower power bill?

Didn’t think so. 

We’ll get your solar panels looking shiny and performing at peak again in no time. And we’ll be careful doing it. Trust us, you don’t want Joe Shmo stomping around on your roof. You want a fully insured professional like Spotless Only safely cleaning it.  



Solar panels are dirt magnets, you get dust, twigs, leaves, and bird droppings. Let’s hose that stuff off.



Soap is a magical thing, but we make sure to use soaps made specifically for panels. Gunk doesn’t come off with just a rinse (or rain) so we’ll give the panel a nice scrub down.



When the soap comes off, we check to make sure that the spots and debris come off with it. Otherwise, it’s back to step one.


Spotless Dry

We use a large squeegee to pull excess water off your panels and let the good ol’ California sun do the rest for a Spotless Only finish.

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