Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer discounts?

As a matter of fact, we do!
Our repeat cleaning discounts could save you up to 30%. Basically, it’s progressively easier to clean a house every six months, or every quarter, than waiting a full year for the dust and mud to compile.


We love our customers, and we would like to pass those savings on to you. We always appreciate your repeat trust and business.


Bi-annual: 10% off
Quarterly: 20% off
Monthly: 25% off
Weekly: 30% off

How does pricing work?

Like most window cleaners in the valley, we price by the pane, screen, etc. There’s no other property like yours. And even though we cleaned your neighbor’s house, we don’t assume that you also need hard water removal, or your screens need repaired.

Some companies charge by the square feet of your home, but frankly, we don’t like the idea of you being charged for somebody else’s square footage.
Call us out for a free, bid! We can see what we need to see from the outside of the house, and you can tell us what you’d like done.

Are you insured?

Yep, we’re fully covered. A lot of fly-by-nighters will skip this step to make a quick buck. But we’re here to stay, and we’re gonna do it right.

Do you clean tracks and window sills?

Yep, we clean the exposed tracks and window sills every time – free of charge. What’s an “exposed track” you ask? We break tracks up into two sections: Exposed and Hidden.
The exposed track is the part you can always see when the window is shut (usually the left side of a horizontal slider). The exposed track collects a lot of dust and gunk, and since it will get wet while cleaning your window, we clean up after ourselves with no charge to you. I can’t stand to leave a house any dirtier than we found it.
The hidden tracks are the part that is normally “hidden” (ahhhh) by the window. When you open the window, you’ll usually find aaallll sorts of dirt, bugs, etc. that have been hiding since the last cleaning. We vacuum out large debris, soak the track, and then clean it out with a microfiber towel and small tools.

Do we wash screens?

We do! Check out www.spotlessonly.com/window-cleaning/ to see the process.

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