Commercial Services

Commercial Services

Take Pride In Your Space

Demonstrate a sense of pride to your customers and employees with clean windows. We provide a variety of cleaning services that’ll make your commercial property stand out.

Commercial Cleaning Services

 •  Interior/Exterior
•  Restaurants
•  Storefronts
•  Office Buildings
•  Multiple Stories
•  Construction Clean Up ​


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Responsive Professionals

At Blue Ocean Window Cleaning, we pride ourselves on our responsiveness and integrity when it comes to providing you with the best services in the area. Our professionals are able to help you with a variety of commercial cleaning chores, including solar panels/skylights and light fixtures. Call Blue Ocean Window cleaning today!


commercial window cleaning

Our Process

We understand that every business or commercial window cleaning need is unique and we never follow the same procedure for all the cleaning needs. Our client-centric approach helps us to provide an unparalleled exceptional service every time.



We start with interior windows,  move any furniture and drop a cloth to protect your floor. We then vacuum out the tracks and scrub all the windows down using only safe and non-toxic soap.



This is where the magic happens. Our technicians squeegee clean and dry the windows. If your windows are very dirty we will do another pass to make sure they are spotless!



When the soap comes off, we check to make sure that the spots and debris come off with it. Otherwise, it’s back to step one.



We then repeat the process outside adding the steps of removing screens and cleaning them. We reinstall screens, return furniture and do a walkthrough with you to verify a job well done.

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